What I Look For In A Productivity App

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I have created a detailed list of requirements to choose a task/project management tool. Having a predefined list can help you find the best tool for you and evaluate new solutions as they are released. In no particular order:

  1. Solution has a web browser interface accessible anywhere
  2. Solution for iPhone and iPad with full features
  3. Solution has Mac & Windows apps with full features
  4. Sync capability that supports all devices and platforms (Windows & Mac)
  5. Sync tested by reviewers
  6. Integrates Evernote functionality
  7. Integrates Dropbox functionality
  8. Flexible enough to be used as a project management tool
  9. Email messages can be imported with full HTML and attachments
  10. Email messages can be imported to mobile task app with full HTML and attachment using iOS share extension
  11. Create quality notes for subtasks,supporting images, links and formatted text
  12. Share tasks with other users or groups
  13. Template feature for routine or complicated processes and projects
  14. Developers blog regularly and on topic of the app
  15. Developers have a social media presence and post regularly
  16. Product has not been recently bought out or sold to another firm
  17. Supports the tenants of Getting Things Done methodology

There is only one application that has met all my requirements and that is Nozbe. I highly recommend Nozbe as it has been around for ten years. You can try Nozbe for free for thirty days right now!

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